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We do not sell the reasons, we sell the top quality products in time schedule.     We invite you for everlasting long business relationship.
W e are from INDIA having our establishment at Brass city MORADABAD with our branches at DELHI and USA. We are manufacturer and Exporter of electroplated nickle silverwares, solid brass giftwares, brass circle planters, copper sheet planters, brass pipe furnitures, brass casted royal bed legs, decorative and gift items, brass artwares, wall hangings, chandeliers, hotelwares, tablewares, lamps, enamel painted items, steel plated items, embodge or engraved in ancient and latest design brass items, shining aluminium wares, burnish iron and antique finish patina items, brass builder and decorative hardware in solid brass duly polished and lacquered, all types of bathroom accessories, apart from this we are also manufactures Christmas decorative items in different metals, Hindu statues, engraved verses of holy Quran on brass wall plates duly enamel painted and lacquered. We also manufacture the required designs of a particular items in any field given by the customer as a sample or their respective designs.
               The senior partner of our firm has an experience of more than twenty years for producing and manufacturing the latest items in solid brass and EPNS wares. Our firm has always provided superior goods on best prices to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Manufacturers and Exporters of Lamps, Decorative Hardwares, Bathroom Fixtures, Silver Plated Items and other Handicrafts in Brass, Aluminium, Iron etc.