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Star International Traders

Before you enter our product section, you may want to know how to browse our product section. So here are some tips. When you click on the enter button below, you will reach the main products page of Star International Traders which have links to all the 8 Catagories of products we manufacture, just click the name of the catagory you are interested in and it will take you to that particular catagory page. Once you reach to that particular page you will find 2 headings on the left pane of that page. One should be and the other will be If you'll click on the first heading "Slide Show" it will automatically show you all the pictures and details of latest products of that particular section and if you'll click on "Open Album" then it will open the latest album of that particular product in a "manual mode" which means you need to move your mouse on the 'Code Numbers' in the left pane to see the picture and details of that particual 'Item Code'. The choice will be yours. Now you can click on the "enter" button below to enter the main product page.

Manufacturers and Exporters of Lamps, Decorative Hardwares, Bathroom Fixtures, Silver Plated Items and other Handicrafts in Brass, Aluminium, Iron etc.